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plan bee

This is a robotic study which is cool and sad at the same time:

Plan Bee robotic drone design study

„Plan Bee“ is a robotic drone industrial design study by Anna Haldewang to replace real bees by robotic ones if they go extinct so they can pollinate flowers. And extinction can go quick, unfortunately.

There! There it is again! We solve nature’s problems by technology! What can go wrong!?

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fuck science, we want floods

It’s a phenomenon of this century that humanity got a shitload of technology around them but don’t know how to make use of it.

Let’s take satellites, for example.

You can use them to watch stupid TV and make your mind go numb. Or you could use them to observe the weather and warn people of coming floods. Humanity this year chose the first and hundreds of people in Germany and Belgium are now dead, their houses and existences destroyed.

It’s ridiculous.

In Europe we got the EFAS which is the abbrevation for European Flood Awareness System. According to this satellite system, read up what they had to say around 9th and 10th of July:

„On 9 and 10 July, flood forecasts by the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service indicated a high probability of flooding for the Rhine River basin, affecting Switzerland and Germany.

Subsequent forecasts also indicated a high risk of flooding for the Meuse River basin, affecting Belgium. The magnitude of the floods forecasted for the Rhine River basin increased significantly in this period. The first EFAS warnings were sent to the relevant national authorities starting on 10 July and, with the continuously updated forecasts, more than 25 warnings were sent for specific regions of the Rhine and Meuse River basins in the following days until 14 July.“

This is a quote taken directly from their website, bold markings by me. Such occassions, satellites here and an appropriate agency as example, happen oftentimes which makes me wonder what is so advanced regarding our species. It’s beyond words. Humans are stupid fucks.

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why it’s good to buy NVDA right now

Single shares of the graphics card company Nvidia are at a whopping 657€ at the moment. Read here why it’s still a very good purchase currently if you’re planning on a long-term ROI (return on investment) regarding 10-15 years in the future.

Tesla/NVIDIA GPU cluster
Above: a Tesla/NVIDIA GPU cluster

1) AI development: Nvidia is one of the forerunners on the development of AI, Artificial Intelligence. Not only is this an industry sector which will be transformative unlike any other for the current century (and maybe more ahead), they offer concrete hardware for development already. If you’re interested in learning it for yourself, look out for „TensorFlow“ keywords or „Tensor core hardware“ here. Equipment is available for a few hundred bucks already
2) the ARM deal: although it can be taken as a hostile takeover, the purchase of British CPU company ARM, which is currently still under investigation, will be a pusher for the company like no other before. Maybe Nvidia may be late in the game but what they lack is the CPUGPU symbiosis competitor AMD can already offer since the ATI deal back in the 2000s
3) cryptocurrency mining: obscure as this may sound, Nvidia graphics cards are among the best for cryptocurrency mining, especially popular ones like Ether. Oh, and they are a good for gaming too!
4) as long as this pandemic may last, people will play video games. And those gamers need those graphics cards, the sooner and the more popular (thus more expensive), the better

Then there are the incredible company vitals, financial aspects are the most important if you plan to invest your hard earned money into a company.

Get that: fiscal first-quarter revenue soared 84% year over year to $5.66 billion. Gaming revenue doubled to $2.76 billion. Data center revenue 79% up to $2.05 billion. Earnings per share 106% year over year to $3.03. All of the mentioned figures which was even better as prognosed by the experts in this field (lower revenue and non-GAAP earnings per share of $5.41 billion and $3.28, respectively). [via]

What the company wants to do now, as is the trend in the high-tech industry sector since the pandemic began (e.g. Apple and Tesla did this too), is to split its stock and double it in sum (from 2 billion to 4 billion), which was announced in May and approved by the share holders some weeks later. Date will be the 20th of July by a ratio 1:4; which basically means, if you hold a share in Nvidia by 19th of July, you will own 4 the day afterwards.

Companies do this for a couple of reasons, some of the most popular ones are „we are overvalued, we now help ourselves“ or „we want to enable the small investors to get a piece of us by lowering the entrance bar“. Both of it is certainly true, we shouldn’t forget though publicly listed companies want to earn more money which will certainly also happen in the case of Nvidia, albeit not in the first months or first year after split. But possibly in years and years to come afterwards. Plus, the last split Nvidia did was in 2006; as you might see easily you can become a part of history here as this will certainly not be the case for years, maybe decades, to come.

Thus fear not to get active if you can spare a few hundreds of Euros but do it quick: latest tomorrow or maybe even by July 19th which is Monday, as this is the final date the stock split goes ex-dividend. The latter translated means: sources which state that you need to hold an Nvidia share by June 21 2021 already are simply false. That is the only quirk here which was announced at Nvidia’s annual meeting of stockholders on June 3. A bit confusing, but hey: it was never easy to earn money in the real world anyway, right?

Hint: I’m not affiliated with the stock market or the company I wrote about in this article. I’m just an IT expert and want to share an important insider information about a graphics company I know since a little child. 🙂

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21st century stuff we use

Made in USA.
Nothing they create is Excellent.
Most of it is Good.
Sometimes even Very Good.
In any case, good is best.
Never try to be excellent. You will fail.
Never stop reaching for the stars.
Never stop being you.
Feel good.
It sounds simple.
It’s incredibly difficult.
Just like life.
Just create. And never stop.
You’re good.

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