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bitwise liminal

Bitwise 📼 Liminal
A Short Film in 256 Bytes of Code

Programmed by KilledByAPixel
Presented at Lovebyte Party 2024

I found an old VHS tape at a yard sale.
It was labeled „Bitwise Liminal“ in sharpie.
But when I watched the video it was only static.

Then I started having vivid and… unsettling dreams.
Also I couldn’t stop thinking about that weird VHS tape.
After researching I learned it was a digital backup.
Using some special software I recovered the data.
To my shock, it was a 256 byte program…

With trembling hands I opened it in a web browser.
Strange. This reminds me of the dreams I’ve been having.
Now I don’t need to sleep anymore.
I just keep watching.

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