oldest active torrent

The oldest active Torrent file out there is „Fanimatrix“ and it’s turning incredible 20 years old these days. Congratulations!

The fanfilm was created by friends from New Zealand with a budget of only 800$ – half of which was spent on a single leather jacket. Back then there was no YouTube and people connecting to the Internet mostly through dial-up connections. So distributing the work through the Torrent technology to a potential worldwide audience, new back then, must have been a no-brainer.

The movie even has it’s own IMDB entry. It’s fair to say with 6.9 it does well for only 13 minutes.

What happened to those friends? It had a happy end: they have own careers as actors. And doing a celebration party won’t be easy as they are scattered around the world. But director Rajneel Singh mentioned maybe it happens for the 25th anniversary instead.

If you still have the file, share it! And let’s remember such works are why we are here in the first place, as part of a thriving and beautiful remix culture. Cheers!

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