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has the turing test been passed?

tl;dr: Nope.

The turing test is the final frontier in distinguishing the stupid machines from the clever androids.

Basically spoken, if you mock a machine about its hair (if it got some) and the machine seems upset to you, in a state you as a human can’t distunguish the reaction from a human one, the turing test has been passed during your daily routine here – a simple conversation. Machines don’t have feelings. At least they shouldn’t have at the moment, dated 2022.

You can read more about the details here but you won’t get it easy like in the example above: It’s a decades old problem. 72 years old, to be exact. Not solved to this day.

If you are interested when it’s finally happened, and you will find androids like Roy Batty or Pris Statton from the scifi movie „Blade Runner“ in reality, you will surely find the answer stated here:

Summed up, just jump up to the first line of this entry on and read the first sentence out loud to get an instant answer.

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